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Gerry Scholz

Founder and President

I am Gerry Scholz, a former U.S. Army Finance Officer and U.S. Military Academy graduate and I founded Term Insurance 4 Less in 1999. My insurance careeer began almost a decade earlier with Mutual of Omaha. Over the last 3 decades I have trained dozens of agents and helped thousands of clients get life insurance policies they could both afford and understand.

I have developed a client centered approach that emphasizes and focuses on what the client's wants and needs are. As an independent broker I have been able to obtain access to virtually every life insurance company that offers policies in the United States.

Essentially I give you the accurate and complete information you need to make an informed decision. Hopefully you will choose to do business with me. But even if you don't you will walk away knowing that you have received an honest assessment of your options.

I encourage you to call me directly anytime at 407-208-0971.

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