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No Medical Exam Life Insurance

No medical exam life insurance is available from several excellent life insurance companies. 

Most "no Physical Exam Required" policies provide the same benefits as plans that do require a medical exam.  If you are shopping different websites for the lowest cost no exam quotes, True Blue Life Insurance is a great place to confirm you have gotten the best rates.

For most people that qualify for these no exam life insurance policies, the costs are higher then a fully underwritten life insurance policy.

However, they do not require that the applicant experience an invasive medical exam that includes being stuck by needles and being required to provide other bodily fluid samples.

No exam life insurance policies that provide a full, immediate death benefit are still fully underwritten by the insurance company. 

This means that the plans pay the full amount upon death with no waiting period. 

It also means that reviews of your medical history, driving record, and pharmacy records are done prior to approval.

The full, immediate death benefit plans therefore are not normally approved for people with serious health issues. 

These policies are not guaranteed to be issued.  You must qualify even though an exam is not required.

Who can apply for no exam policies?

Any U.S. citizen or permanent resident can applyThe type of plan and the amount of coverage available varies widely from company to company and the cost of a life insurance policy that requires no physical will often depend on the applicant's current health even though no medical exam is required.

For those people with serious health problems several companies have graded death benefit no exam life insurance policiesMost plans require that you answer a few simple health questions and for most people is the lowest cost modified death benefit plan.  Often these types of policies only have a 24 month wait until full benefits are paid, offer a high payout during the waiting period and will pay 100% of the death benefit, even in the first 2 years if death is caused by an accident.


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Only a few plans have absolutely no health questions but are only available to people over 35 or 40 years old, are extremely expensive and sometimes have a 3 year waiting period before the full death benefit will be paid.  Visit our graded death benefit page to request a quote.

Buying Life Insurance with No Exam

Complete the form above to get rates for plans that allow direct online submission of your application.  Simply answer a few questions and in most cases your policy is approved in 24 to 48 hours.

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