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Fidelity Life offers excellent no exam life insurance plans.

Rapid Decision Term

Rapid decision Term is a level death benefit term life insurance policy that remains in force until age 95, assuming the insured person pays the premium when due.  It offers guaranteed level premium periods of 10, 15, 20, and 30 years.

During the initial guarantee period your rates remain level and cannot be changed/increased.  After the initial guarantee period the rates rise every year through age 94.

Although no physical exam is required, this is a fully underwritten life insurance policy.  That means at a minimum, a review of your Medical Information Bureau file, Motor Vehicle Record, and all Pharmacy records is done by Fidelity Life.

If you have major health issues it is extremely unlikely you can be approved for this plan.

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Impaired Risk Life

No exams, no testing, no waiting. And no processing delays.  Issuance of a policy depends only on the answers to a few health questions.  Even individuals who have experienced difficultly getting insured and have serious health problems can obtain 10 year term, 20 year term or whole life policies with face amounts up $250,000 in days, not months.  Unlike Rapid Decision Term, Impaired Risk Life has a 2 year waiting period before full benefits go into effect.  Check out our graded death benefit page for more information.  

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Fidelity Life Insurance Policies with No Exam

Fidelity Life's no exam plans are the lowest cost option for most people.  Let us get you a quote and compare it to the other options we have available.

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