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People who have had heart stents implanted face serious challenges when trying to procure a life insurance policy.

We have identified at 10 top rated companies that will issue plans, under certain circumstances, for people who have had heart stent surgery. 

Because of the complex health issues involved it is not prudent to provide a "cookie-cutter" quote engine to provide rates instantly. Those prices would be inaccurate almost all the time.  It is possible however for certain heart stent patients to have a traditional term or whole life policy get approved. 

There are several issues the insurance companies will want clarified before making a decision.  They include but are by no means limited to the following:

  • Which arteries received the stents and what was block % before and after surgery?

  • Did the applicant have a heart attack prior to surgery?

  • How old was the applicant when stents were implanted?

  • Does the applicant smoke?

  • What is applicant's height and weight?

  • Are there any other health conditions present?

  • Prescribed medications and amounts.

  • What are results of recent stress tests?

Once this information is provided, Terminsurance4less will then directly contact the decision makers, i.e., the underwriters, at the companies we have identified that issue life insurance policies to people with a heart stent history. 

Depending on the health history we may receive several tentative offers or none at all.  A tentative offer is a rate class that based on the information provided would be offered by the insurance company.  It is tentative because the information must be verified.

 This can only be done by ordering the medical records, which does not occur until a formal application is submitted and a free brief exam completed.

To get the best rate the insured will need to take a free brief exam.

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However if we cannot get any offers for coverage an applicant with this condition can often choose and qualify for a no exam graded death benefit plan.

With a graded death benefit plan, the death benefit in the first 2 or 3 years is lower than the policy's face amount.  Once this "waiting period" has passed the full amount of the policy will be paid to the beneficiaries in the event of death. 

Our goal is to provide accurate quotes and explain the different features inherent in each plan so people with heart stents can make an informed decision.

Please call us toll free 1-888-394-0971 to review your situation and get your quotes.

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